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Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra (UKF) with five faculties (education, arts, social, human and natural sciences and health care) is the fourth largest university in Slovakia. It provides education almost 60 years in pre-service teacher training programs, scientific study programs at all three levels of study, and also it provides several lifelong learning courses. The uniqueness of the UKF in education is represented by pre-service teacher training programs in Hungarian language tailor-made for future teachers and the training of teachers, social workers and public education for Roma ethnicity. The university has implemented an ECTS system which enables students to combine subjects from different faculties, actively participate in the content of their curricula and transfer credits between institutions. The university has implemented an ESG quality framework as well as CAF. University offers a helping hand and support to its students in providing housing, catering, and support for disabled students and out of - school activities.

The most important facts and figures about Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra (data from 2016): 9 227 students enrolled together in full-time and part-time study programs, 530 teachers, 74 research projects, 101 professional study programs at the undergraduate and graduate level in full-time form, 33 scientific doctoral programs in full-time form.

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