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The Nova University of Lisboan Library is viewed as a major resource for students, researchers and staff, the FCT NOVA Library mission is to facilitate and promote access to a wide range of knowledge resources, providing users with a modern and comfortable environment stimulating study/research and human contact. Our top priority is to provide innovative approaches to information access and to flexible services.

Targeting students of all degrees, as well as teachers and researchers, our Information Literacy Program aims to provide users with the information skills necessary for them to face information environments more and more complex and dynamic, as well as help them make the best use possible of the Library and its resources.

FCT NOVA Library has been promoting a space for active debate and cultural interaction with the Campus and surrounding community. The Exhibition Hall, the Auditorium (72 seats) and other spaces support a wide range of activities. Several manifestations of Art (Painting, Sculpture, Installations, Architecture, Photography) to Music, Theatre and Cinema, encompassing scientific subjects have taken place. Various contributions were made by scientists, writers, architects, artists, public figures, and various cultural initiatives between FCT NOVA and other cultural operators.

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