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Target Groups

While the main target group are Librarians, the project will affect a huge number of stakeholders. Owing to the fact that as a result of the INNO3D project, Librarians will be highly trained in using 3D printing, this will enable them to train all the users of Libraries- students, staff and citizens in general with extension of the results into public libraries. Hence, the INNO3D project will broaden access to 3D printing to a much wider cohort of learners, reaching citizens and affecting Society at large.

3D Printing for Innovative Citizens

Running this project within university and public libraries will lead to an increase in the number of library users in these institutions, but also to an increase in the promotion of these innovative technologies among the citizens (library users). Assimilation of these innovative technologies by librarians will lead to the personal development and lifelong learning of citizens in general and to the diversification of the services offered to users of public and university libraries, increasing their attractiveness to the younger generations for such institutions. By default, this will increase the visibility of these institutions, not only locally but on the international level. This project represents an opportunity not only for technical students, but anyone who wants to carry out various projects specific to their specialties using 3D Printing.

Transforming Libraries

For all libraries – whether public schools or college/university – the benefits of having access to 3D printing are vast. Each type of library has its own unique needs, so the applications and use cases are quite diverse. Introducing students to emerging technologies at any age is excellent preparation for the digital workplace, teaches teamwork and brings excitement and fun to learning.

3D printing services are integral to the changing face of library services which supports increased user interaction with content, growth of user-created content to support community collaboration and individual entrepreneurship. 3D printing is an important part of the "Makerspace" movement, which has already engaged young and old in projects for fun and/or for profit. A Makerspace is a collaborative work space in a library or separate for making, learning, exploring and sharing that uses high tech tools.

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