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Module 8. Relevant Intellectual Property Rights in the Context of 3D Printing

8.1 3D Printing and Intellectual Property Regulation: A Law and Economics Perspective

8.2 Industrial 3D Printing

8.3 Patent Protection

8.4 Other IP Rights

8.5 Personal 3D Printing

8.6 Protection Strategies

8.7 3D Printers and Printing Processes

8.8 3D Designs

8.9 Indirect Liability implications

8.11 Open Source 3D Printing

8.12 Law and Technology of 3D Printing and Medical Devices

8.13 Copyright Implications of 3D Scanning

8.14 EU Design Law and 3D Printing Liability in the 3D Printing Environment

8.15 Digital Rights Management Tools for 3D Printing

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